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What has happened in Banská Bystrica after election of Marian Kotleba?

In mid-January 2014 we undertook a research trip to Banská Bystrica surroundings to focus on implementation of law on social assistance in material need that will come into force in June 2014. We did not select the municipalities accidentally but with special attempt to cover places with low, average, and high electoral success of Marian Kolteba.

WW II Heritage in the Hungarian Politics

2014 is the 70th anniversary of the Nazi German occupation of Hungary in 1944. For the occasion the Hungarian government (coalition of Fidesz and the Christian Democratic People’s Party/Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt – KDNP) initiated the organization of a yearlong series of commemorative events under the framework of the Holocaust Memorial Year.

Jak nezužitkovat příklad dobré praxe – případ Obrnic

Obrnice získaly na konci října 2013 prestižní cenu Dosta! Rady Evropy za úspěšné začleňování Romů do společnosti. Obec nebyla oceněna na základě jednoho projektu, ale jako soubor opatření a projektů za přibližně sedmileté období. Při bližším pohledu na odezvu na ocenění vyvstávají některé politováníhodné skutečnosti.

Geman General Election 2013

The analysis of German election manifestos showed one significant feature. With the exception of the NPD, the discourses of parliamentary political parties related to national identity are extremely stable. However, the parties mythologize national history rarely. With regard to this topic there are two major fault lines dividing the parties; and one less significant one.

Czech Election 2013

Looking at the election manifestos from broader perspective, one can define two basic cleavages in national identity related issues – the EU, and the perception of populism. However, the election campaign discourse was shaped by different issues that are not reflected in the manifestos. In order to analyse this process properly, Czech national issues must also be analysed. Although the EU was discussed as an issue that divides the parties a lot, none of the mainstream parties (except Hnutí úsvit) strictly oppose the integration process.