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Comments on campaign debates on national minority issues

One of the campaign issues for coming parliament election is the state response on anti-Roma riots (as we informed in previous article). The state radio station (Český rozhlas Radiožurnál) on October 3rd organised an on-air discussion with parties’ representative of KDU-ČSL, KSČM, TOP 09, ODS, SPOZ, ČSSD, and ANO on national minorities, European integration and the parties’ priorities towards Roma minority with special emphasis.

The anti-Roma protests as an issue of Czech election campaign?

Although the topic of societal status of Roma minority is lively discussed in public, the political parties reflect this issue very poorly. During the last three months many anti-Roma protests took place (mainly in north Bohemia and in several regional centres such as České Budějovice or Ostrava). Especially the protests in České Budějovice on July 22nd and in Ostrava a month later radicalised the Czech population. The riots were attended not only by right-wing radicals but by many so called “decent people” as well.