Center for the research of ethnicity and culture


Center for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture (CVEK) is an independent research and analytical institute founded in 2005. Its central mission is to contribute to the building of an inclusive and tolerant society. CVEK seeks to address its objectives via research, policy analysis and training in the areas of culture, ethnicity, minority rights, and social exclusion focus on both so called old (autochthonous) and new (migrant) minorities and ethnic groups. The Centre advances an interdisciplinary approach bringing together sociology, political science, social psychology and law that is critical for studying these complex themes. Activities are streamlined along three intertwinned clusters: monitoring, research and advocacy with respect to minority rights.

The monitoring is concerned with reflection and evaluation of policies pertaining to ethnic, national, language and religious minorities. The monitoring fills in the gap in domestic monitoring as well as complements existing monitoring activities of international bodies.

The research uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore issues pertaining to minorities (both immigrant communities and autochthonous), cultural diversity and related policies. Research activities has been focused on two major topics: issues pertaining to the Romani minority and to immigration and integration of foreigners.

CVEK employs evidence based advocacy strategy aimed at shifting the policies and legislation towards inclusion of minorities and their accommodation within the highly ethnicized nation state of Slovakia.