Communist type

A particularity of the whole manifesto is the split emphasis on international cooperation and general support for European integration, yet at the same time the rejection of the ideological bases of this integration. A further particularity is the accent on traditional communist ideology, such as cooperation with other communist parties in Europe. The significant feature of the manifestos is the communist ideology that has adapted to the conditions of the globalized world. The party defines its ideological principles in terms that are familiar to traditional communist parties, with significant emphasis on the class struggle and the workers' revolution. Practically, the party promotes its ideology in a pragmatic way.

KSČM acts positively in the case of human rights, the rights of minorities and general equality. The party emphasizes the international (liberal) dimension of its ideology. In contrast to the European type, KSČM strongly emphasizes anti-discrimination, anti-racism as well as openness to the global society. The very positive approach to national minorities and the openness to the world result in the party's accent on a multicultural society. KSČM emphasizes minority and state equality as well as societal equality – gender, gay and lesbian etc. Surprisingly, the party does not mention the Roma minority and its problematic position in the Czech Republic. At the same time the party has a negative view on the German Sudetendeutschen Landmanschaft. KSČM's anti-capitalist and slightly anti-globalization outlook is evident in its rejection of the commercialization of the national culture and heritage. In comparison to the European type,  KSČM's emphasis is directed primarily against the globalized,capitalist system followed by the need for defending the national heritage and culture.