Populist type

With this type it is difficult to exactly define the ideological policy structure of the manifestos. There is an assumption that the policy issues were chosen due to a possible bias of certain voters to the party manifestos and, consequently, there is only a weak binding ideological feature. Very common topics of the populist type are: a negative attitude to or awareness of immigrants and possibly also other national minorities, the strengthening of Czech national sovereignty, the promoting of Czech interests in the EU and, at the same time, a rather negative approach to the supranational integration of the EU. In a way the manifestos strengthen some particular issues like traditional values.

Sovereignty focuses on support for intergovernmental integration (cooperation) and the party expresses a very negative position to the recent integration development. The party rejects the Lisbon Treaty because of the Sudeten-German issue and their possible property claims, and also because of the unacceptable sovereignty shift at the supranational level and the unacceptable superiority of the big member states.

The manifestos of the populist type are not easy to define ideologically. The most evident is the strict immigrant policy or, rather, anti-immigrant policy. Another feature is the distant attitude to the EU and to further supranational integration. Another policy issues different that is caused by populist policy style.