Postmodern type

The human rights issue is typical for postmodern parties that emphasize a normative or rather moral dimension of politics. Therefore this policy is one of the key policy dimensions. The parties do not emphasize human rights in terms of the Human Rights Convention but the human rights topic is mentioned in the manifestos. In contrast to other types of manifestos, the postmodern manifestos do not have any specific chapter concerning human rights. That can be understood as their promoting of another three aspects of human rights: economic, social and political rights.

The equality category is based on their promotion of an equal attitude when it comes to gender and minority matters. Especially in the case of the Green Party, gender equality is very much pushed. Similarly to the human rights category, the Roma minority is also mentioned. The Greens stress equality in the education system. US-DEU emphasizes an equal attitude in a general way and its promotion of general equality is evident in many chapters.

An anti-military attitude is generally typical for “green” parties. Although both parties want to fulfill the Alliance commitments (NATO and the EU for Greens), they call for the decreasing of the national military budget. The parties call for conflict resolution through the use of non-military means. At the same time the Greens   emphasize the security and military cooperation of the EU.