After 1918 - ethnic composition of Brno, Olomouc, and Hradec Králové

The idea of discovering of ethnic diversity on local level was a natural result of conference My Hero Your Enemy that took place in 2011 in Prague and 2015 in Brno. Both events were among other gathering of leading experts on contemporary history of Central Europe. During discussions the question of local “histories” was raised. How we can discuss “big stories” of independent nations in Visegrad region since local perspectives remain barely discovered? Therefore this project came up as an answer to national “stories” to have a perspective on very local situation in V4 region. 
You can see the data visualization here: Enjoy!

Furthermore, we offer anyone inerested to work further with the census data. 

Census data Olomouc34.89 KB
Census data Brno380.93 KB
Census data Hradec Králové25.95 KB