The project was started...

In the autumn 2010 started the preparation work on the project National Populisms in the Countries of Visegrad. The main focus of the project is to find out the similarities and differences of national populism in each of the Visegrad countries and analyzed common features and characteristics.
Project collects and analyzed data from four Visegrad countries in the time period of 2005 to 2010 to map last development in the field among parliamentary parties and others relevant actors. The used method is the grounded theory.
First months of the project are in the sign of collecting data and other preparatory work. Outcomes of the project will be a research publication analyzing the results, international conference held in Brno, Czech republic in autumn 2011 and a web database which will can provide information to all interested parties on the topic.
International Institute of Political science with partners react this way on the rising importance of identity policy and the related increase of national populism in Visegrad countries in last decades. These issues could have in each country of Central Europe different aspects – activation of ultra-right scene, radicalization of the public debate, etc. These effects could make difficult common coexistence of our societies and cooperation in the Central Europe. Deeper understanding of the issues could be helpful not only for the description of the situation but also next actions.