What has happened in Banská Bystrica after election of Marian Kotleba?

In mid-January 2014 we undertook a research trip to Banská Bystrica surroundings to focus on implementation of law on social assistance in material need that will come into force in June 2014. We did not select the municipalities accidentally but with special attempt to cover places with low, average, and high electoral success of Marian Kolteba. Although our trip focused mainly on implementation of the social regulation with regard to Roma minority, we have tried to explore why Kotleba was so successful. To understand the local context of region, one has to understand local issues in greater context; what are the key issues discussed by locals, what impact the national politics has on local level, and how does the party enable internal discussion on sensitive topics. It is very important to consider the role of political party, in this case Smer. Do the mayors feel defended by their party; do they feel strong local identification; do they administrate the municipality or govern it?

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