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The first one focus on WW II myths and reminiscences in Hungarian politics
WW II Heritage in the Hungarian Politics see the link:

The second comment the presidential campaign for presidential election in Slovakia
Slovak Presidential Election: Lifeless Campaign, Clear Winner see the link:

What has happened in Banská Bystrica after election of Marian Kotleba?

In mid-January 2014 we undertook a research trip to Banská Bystrica surroundings to focus on implementation of law on social assistance in material need that will come into force in June 2014. We did not select the municipalities accidentally but with special attempt to cover places with low, average, and high electoral success of Marian Kolteba. Although our trip focused mainly on implementation of the social regulation with regard to Roma minority, we have tried to explore why Kotleba was so successful.

Reportage from Obrnice – the municipality that is to be governed instead administrated

Drahomíra Miklošová, the mayor of Obrnice, was awarded the Council of Europe Dosta! Prize for exemplary integration of national minorities. We visited this place where the share of the Roma minority reaches 40 per cent; Obrnice is located in a very problematic region with long-term high unemployment rate and frequent anti-Roma riots. Why does the municipality perform so good in such a region? What are the reasons behind the manifest success? Check out our coverage here.

Interview with Prof. Jan Rydel about role of state in history education, politicizing of national mythology, and forecast for Polish general election

The political parties often use national history as a tool for mobilizing their voters. What is your opinion of their aims to use history, more specifically only particular parts of it?

Slovak manifestos 2012 added

Our manifesto database on Slovak 2012 election manifesto is now updated. What are some interesting parties' development? Is Smer-DS shifting ist national feelings towards nationalistic colored policies, or is the development going in total opposite way? How is the erosion of Slovak right showed in manifestos? Check out individual party profiles![0]=taxonomy_vocabulary_...