What does national identity mean in the Central European context in the beginning of the 21st century?

The project aims to map out and analyze themes related to national identity and nationalism in the context of Central Europe. The project belongs among activities of the EUROPEUM Institute for European policy

The core aim is to focus on a deeper theoretical understanding of political parties’ communication methods in the field of national identity in the CEE countries.

How to understand the data on web page?

The web page contains the not only a description of individual election manifesto. Although it would be beneficial as such, the main contribution in country as well as regional categorization of political parties perceptions in field of national identity. However the election manifesto are one of key elements reflecting societal and political environment, incorporated country specific issues show how the parties act in “real politics”. How far are parties’ activities reflecting their past experiences, and how far it is a matter of parties’ strategies?  

Analysis of Czech Election Manifestos

The analysis covers nine election manifestos of Parliament and other relevant parties. To check the party manifestos select the country filter in "Manifestos" folder. Every party profile contains key words that enable to compare individual party manifestos with country and region as well. The key words include name of manifesto category ordered.

Survey on political parties' attitudes towards national identity

While analyzing the party manifestos and country issues we decided to add an other relevant data source - political parties survey on national identity relevant issues. The survey is designed in respect to the each country context, and is made in five country variations. Each variation contains common shared questions share with other counties e.g. attitude to the European integration, or foreign policy - namely relations to Russia.

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V4 and German issues has been set

To full fill the project research goals, the country specific issues will reflect, how the parties politicise following national identity related issues. For each country up to 3 issues has been selected. They represent the political and societal state of each country. The data gathering will follow.