Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska, PO)

The Civic Platform (PO) calls itself a liberal conservative Christian democratic political party, and is a member of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament (Poland EPP 2011). Official registration of the party took place on March 5, 2002 and since June 2003 Donald Tusk has been the leader of the party – he is also the current Prime Minister of Poland. Since 2007’s early election, caused by the scandals of the leading party Law and Justice, PO has been the strongest political party in Poland, controlling 207 out of 460 seats in the lower chamber of parliament (the Sejm). In the upper chamber, PO's superiority is even more pronounced with 53 out of 100 seats under its control. Since the election 2010 is presidential position next political institutions successfully gained by PO.

  2009 2014
Election gains
Votes 44.43% 32.13%
Seats 25 19

Election manifestos 2005 and 2007

For the election in 2005, PO's ideological approach was that the state should be here for citizens. As was also stated earlier, PO would like to free the energy of Poles. On economic issues, PO is an economically pro-liberal party. In the 2005 election, the main approach to voters was the slogan that Poland deserves an economical miracle. The election was also perceived as a turning point for the self-identification of Poland in the west as well as within the eastern model of chaotic democracy. PO thus offered “European normality”. PO was calling for the reunification of Polish people as had been the case during the heyday of Solidarity. Poland should be modernized in line with traditions, with a desire for freedom typical for Poland and in relation to a traditional system of values which is based on the ten commandments of Christianity. Family, nation, community and state should cooperate together for the common good. And Poland was a common good, common pride and joint work. As the manifesto stated, it was just Poland! PO would like to restore the republican ideals based on patriotism and a sense of belonging to Europe, and more specifically to the EU, including the common currency. We can define the party as having an appeal to national awareness that combines modernism and Europeanism. The EU is one of the national interests for PO. PO’s social opinions are conservative. In Christian Poland it is no surprise that the Ten Commandments are considered to be a cornerstone of society; more surprising might be PO’s claim that they are one of the foundations of western civilization. Postmodernism is not in vogue within PO, thus the legalization of homosexual marriages, church separation from state, soft drugs legalization or euthanasia stand outside the party’s goals. Since PO values life in its pure form, no form of genetic research is supported to overcome this axiom of humanity. PO realises the size and importance of Poland and thus appeals to its responsibility to contribute to world security and progress through its own development, military strength and active participation in international organizations.

Election manifesto 2010

For PO, the EU means effective pursing Polish right the state can enter only through skillful interest in the wider European interest. The European system is constant negotiation process in which the most important is strength of arguments. PO in the manifesto explains, why Poland is so successful: It is not enough to be right, you still need to convince her partners. Both in the wider international environment, as and in the European Union. Civic Platform knows how to build effective coalitions, how to negotiate and how to convince partners to our right. In this respect PO believes that the answer to the current crisis and uncertain international environment is "no less, and more Europe". Even if the party supports the closer political integration, the economic dimension should be, according the PO, the most important one. This is why PO supports the strengthening of EU institutions as well as closer coordination the economic policies of individual Member States as well as completion of the single market.

In the foreign policy, the party antidotes to fear for Russia as a modern and strong Poland, having a reliable allies a strong position in the European Union and excellent relationships with its other neighbors in the East. Contrary to PiS, PO focus to be “part of the core club”. In this sense party is convinced that Poland will continue play a key role in shaping the new calculates the European Union.