Tomio Okamura's Dawn of Direct Democracy (Hnutí úsvit přímé demokracie Tomia Okamury)

Building up a profile of Tomio Okramua, Czech-Japanese entrepreneur and member of the Senate, is a difficult task. The election manifesto he presented picks up issues that resonate in society without any deeper anchoring to any intellectual basis. Although he speaks publicly about the need for strengthening direct democracy, the manifesto shows many signs of populism. Firstly, the EU integration process should not include integration of tax and budgetary competences. The Czech Republic should not transfer further competences to Brussels. Secondly, in economic policy the movement focuses on support of traditional national industry. For that purpose, the Czech energy sources should be used and not to be exported abroad or even be sold to foreign investors. The manifesto does not contain the immigration and Roma issue that was used by Okamura during the campaign (for further details see monitoring folder). Because of this use of anti-immigrant and anti Roma rhetoric, we categorized the movement to the populist category.