People's Party - Our Slovakia (Ľudová strana - Naše Slovensko)

The roots of the People’s Party – Our Slovakia are traceable into the nineties when organization Slovak Brotherhood was formed. As one of many extreme – right groups in Slovakia it was unnoticed by general public until first years of new millennia. Media started to pay attention to the Slovak Brotherhood after its members started to attend memorials of important events of the Slovak national history. Members of the Brotherhood wore distinctive uniforms which resembled uniforms of paramilitary fascist Hlinka’s Guards. Brotherhood and their uniforms became synonym and face of the extreme – right.

In 2005 Ministry of Interior registered political party Slovak Brotherhood – National Party. However in several months Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic dissolved the party due to infringement of the law. Reason for the dissolution of the party was that its statute violated the law by calling for establishment of the corporativist regimes. Because of that members of the Brotherhood and its party ended up on the electoral list of the SĽS in 2006 elections. However SĽS gained just about 0,16 % of the votes and Slovak Brotherhood was looking for something more successful in the future. In 2009 supporters and members of the Slovak Brotherhood take control of the already existing Party of the Friends of Wine and changed its name to People’s Party – Our Slovakia. Party competed in the subsequent general elections in 2010 and gained 1,33 % of the votes and did not manage to enter the National Council. Marián Kotleba was leader of the Slovak Brotherhood for the most of the active engagement of the organization and he also led the ballot of the ĽS –NS in the 2010 general elections.

Election manifesto 2006, 2010

Analysis of the electoral program of the ĽS – NS is hindered by the fact that party did not proposed comprehensive document and rather issued just list of the principles and ideas it supported. In spite of that and thanks to prevalence of the issues connected with nationalism in the ĽS – NS manifesto we are still able to identify core elements of the nationalistic ideology of the party. Electoral principles of People’s Party – Our Slovakia are embracing view of society defined by ethnic membership rather than citizenship. Party stresses need for protection of Slovak nation especially from Roma minority, which is described by the party documents as by definition criminal and untrustworthy community. People’s Party – Our Slovakia is also concerned with the so  - called anti - Slovak chauvinism of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia and Hungarians in general. In their perception Hungarians were actively undermining  the Slovak statehood in order to change the borders between the two states. To counter both threats - Roma and Hungarians - ĽS –NS suggested to form home – defence militia which would serve as defensive body of the nation. For its preoccupation with the concept of nation and its primarily negative perception of the others ĽS –NS belongs to the nationalistic type of political parties.