Sovereignty (Suverenita)

The Sovereignty we are speaking about in period 2005 – 2010 is in reality more trust of different small parties, coalitions and other groups and individual politicians for which is the public sovereignty important aspect in politic and therefore also unifying factor for all of them. Basically the stream was accommodated by the Party of Common sense which is since 2002 working as a kind of incubator for talented politicians.

The 2010 manifesto was a more precise document and the relevant positions are, of course, emphasis on national sovereignty, national pride, territorial integrity and national heritage. The Czech Republic should not became the shovel of Europe but its brain (and, therefore, more support for science is needed) and should the prestige of the Czech Republic should be strengthened abroad. The Czech Republic should also become a focus point for energy transfer or a transportation artery, and Czech agriculture should be supported more.

One of the most specific issues is the negative approach toward the Lisbon Treaty, which was a continuation of Jana Bobošíková's political views as well as the European Parliament manifesto 2009. The Lisbon Treaty issue is, in the view of Sovereignty, also connected with the Sudeten Germans problem and their possible property claims. Therefore the party rejects all efforts to revise the post-World War Two order, including the Beneš decree. For Sovereignty the Lisbon Treaty also represents the immoral attempt of the stronger to undermine the weaker within Europe. Therefore we can also ascribe the party's perception of the EU as a tool for its own interests.

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