Interview on Roma Minority: Minority as a Strategic Tool

We have another nice piece into the mosaic of the new political movements in the Czech Republic. How they communicate; what their goals and policies are; whom do they represent…The following interview was not authorized by the interviewed MP. We have tried to get an authorization several times, but nobody has replied our e-mails and calls. Nevertheless, we have decided to publish the interview in its whole as it is of value in showing how the movement attracts its electorate and how it builds up its argumentation and policies as such. The interviewee's party affiliation and name, however, are not made public. The interview is presented in its original version.
We find it important to conclude with two remarks. Firstly - interestingly enough - during the course of the interview, we have been asked if we wanted to work for the movement as experts on the novelisation of the execution act. Secondly, however, at the end of the interview, the MP frankly mentioned that their movement had to promise their voters something, which is why they simply had not elaborated on the policies or planned them in too much detail - which was wrapped up by the remark that much of what they said they did not even mean anyways. So much for the brief introduction of those who have the mandate to change people's lives.

Full interview: